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wow [Jan. 18th, 2004|12:11 pm]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |rufie - 14th Street]

i haven't updated this in a lil while cuz of fricken exams and stuff, that week was pretty sucky, but it was pretty cool, we didn't have school on friday cuz it was too cold outside, but that means that tuesday i'll have band and chorus exams, which also means that i won't be able to go to my nana's wake and funeral which is sad cuz i really want to go.

She died yesterday.... she was my great grandmother, always seemed healthy as an ox, she was 98 almost 99, you could ask her if u could take a picture of her and she'd stop, flip her hair, put her hand on her hip and pose like she was doing a photo shoot at the age of 20. Its sad to see her go, but at the same time we shouldn't really be sad, we should celebrate her life because i could only wish to live as long as her and to have such a good life as she did.... i was ok when i was told the news the second i woke up yesterday morning, but later on i cried, i cried everytime i had to tell somebody, i had to tell my brother because he was in CT... that was the only time i didn't cry, i guess i felt like i had to be strong.... i dunno....

i saw the district concert yesterday which was pretty good, enjoyable to watch, and my friend katie did a wonderful job along with my other friend emily.

then i saw Big Fish..... wow..... wow wow wow..... that is an amazingly great film, i loved it, it really has a lot to do with believing and it intertwines fact and fiction very well and tim burton is an amazing director and shot this film like no other i have seen, this is just a real masterpiece, please, go and see Big Fish