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rufus.... mmmmmmmm - Dark Side of the Son [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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rufus.... mmmmmmmm [Feb. 11th, 2004|05:03 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |Rufie - pretty things]

rufus.... o my god..... that is all i can say.... o my god.... oh wait excuse me, oh my rufus. he was great, witty and funny, and soooooo fricken talented! i was pretty damn close too, it was so nice, sooo wonderful. and the "caride" was great, lots and lots of fun.

Set List
1. L'Absence
2. 14th st
3. harvester
4. movies
5. gay messiah
6. go or go ahead
7. pretty things
8. art teacher (1st time doin it)
9. hallelujah
10. matinee idol
11. vibrate
12. natasha
13. greek song
14. want
15. 11:11
16. foolish love
(((commentary: got your books for school?
dont forget your hat
here comes the mailman
ewwww, taxes)))
17. i don't know what it is
18. dinner at eight
19. beautiful child
first encore
20. oh what a world
21. cigs and choc
second encore
22. liberty cabbage

everything else is goin along smoothly, em came over after school today which is a nice change....

spirit week is in the process, its alright, sucky at some points, our class is prolly in like 3rd i think, which isn't bad, the juniors and seniors are pretty hard to compete with at points, bombardment was fun, i had a good time with that one... well i hope our hallway turns out good, although i don't really like our theme, but oh well, not much i can do.

today, although it was "beach day" which i think sucks, i went as Hunter S. Thompson, and everybody that knows about him or has seen Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas told me i looked awesome and just like him. other people who didn't know thats who i was going as just told me i looked awesome.

so yea... rufus... my sweet lord